DAI Difference




We use powerful words like discipline, strength and steadfast on purpose. They mean something to us and we know they do to you as well. You didn’t get to where you are without the strength and courage to follow your instincts by taking powerful actions. At DAI, we believe in providing steadfast guidance to help you stay on the path to where you want to be.

DAI Triple Discipline System

Through extensive research, DAI has developed an investment management system that strives to remove human emotion from decision making. It is based on three key disciplines which we use for our clients. And we strive to never violate these three disciplines.

Discipline 1 – Holding Periods

Discipline 2 – Inverse Correlation

Discipline 3 – Rebalancing

DAI works to add value to the management of your investments by employing these three disciplines and minimizing the emotional element in the wealth management process. This same disciplined approach makes it possible to manage accounts during the wealth accumulation stage as well as the income withdrawal phase of our clients’ portfolios. By allowing us to strategically reduce the number of shares sold to produce retirement cash-flows, our system can add to the long-term growth potential of your portfolio, maximizing the amount of income you can withdraw without diminishing principal.

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True Independence

Through true independence we believe we can be true fiduciaries for our clients. For us, true independence means that as owners we can choose what to focus on and not be encumbered by corporate goals and profit motives that may be misaligned with our clients’ interests. As a result, we can provide our clients with unbiased advice–putting our clients’ needs before our own. We believe in trust and transparency and embrace the hard work it takes to own and manage our own business.